Project’s Name: Inchope – Gorongosa – Caia

Project’s Location: Sofala Province

Type of Investment: Loan

Project Description: The project corridor is located mostly within the central Province of Sofala but with some incursion into the adjacent Province of Manica at the southern end of the corridor. Both Provinces are located in central Mocambique. The subject Section of National Road N1 commences in Inchope (km 0.0) and extends northwards over a distance of about 315 km to end near the northern limits of the town of Caia.

The route forms part of the primary road network in Mocambique and is the major South- North link for the entire country. As such, the road also forms an important part of the Southern African Development Community (SADC) strategic regional network and is therefore required to comply with geometric standards imposed by that body.

Project Objective: Improve the condition of road, reducing the travel time and operational cost of vehicles, consequently efficiency on movement of goods and peoples along the corridor.

Available products and benefits:

  1. Provide the traffic safety by maintaining the existing roads and bridges and the improvement of road alignment of dangerous spots and non-well aligned sections;
  2. Provide safe environment for markets next to road and pedestrians;
  3. Reduce the vehicle operation costs for road users;
  4. Provide economic efficiency Road and Bridge Management and Maintenance plans;
  5. Improve environmental condition along the road.

Target Market:

  1. Truism: Gorongoza National Park;
  2. Access to Beira Port;
  3. Connectivity South Norte of the country;
  4. Agriculture development along the corridor

Existing and Recommended Public Infraestructures: 

  1. Rehabilitation and widening of the road;
  2. Rehabilitation of existing bridges and culverts
  3. Construction of a fixed toll station.


  • USD 55,5 Million, Inchope to Gorongoza
  • USD Millions, Gorongoza to Caia

Economic & Financial Indicators:

  • Inchope to Gorongoza
    • IRR (Internal Rate of Return) – 21%;
    • NPV (Net Present Value) – 53,7 million USD;
    • B/C (Benefit/Cost) – 1,024
  • Gorongoza to Caia
    • IRR (Internal Rate of Return) – 27,8%;
    • NPV (Net Present Value) – 246 million USD;
    • B/C (Benefit/Cost) –