Project’s Name: Matola-Boane – Namahacha Toll Road, 70 km

Project’s Location: Maputo Province, City of Matola, District of Boane and Namahacha

Type of Investment: PPP

Project Description: Rehabilitation and widening of the existing road in an extension of 70 km, from Matola to Namahacha. The project includes the widening of road, section 1, from Matola to Boane, with 4 Lines (18 km), Boane to Namahacha with 2 line ( 52 km), Installation separately from the existing bridge in parallel(4@35m=140m), rehabilitation of existing bridges over Movene river and 3 others, construction and Rehabilitation of 46 culvert, and construction of line drainage.

Project Objective:

The road project N2 is the rout which crosses the east/west direction from Maputo, the capital of Mozambique, to the border of Namahacha with Swaziland. The rehabilitation and upgrading of road will contribute development of the Mozambique’s national economy and regional economy and also to building a network of east-west crossing of the Africa Region.

The project will alleviate the traffic congestion in urban areas and create a safe quick route to commercial, public and private road user from Maputo Port and Matola to Swaziland and western villages of Maputo Province

Available products and benefits:

  • Alleviation traffic congestion of Matola area and Boanae Village;
  • Provide the traffic safety by maintaining the existing roads and bridges and the improvement of road alignment of dangerous spots and non-well aligned sections;
  • Provide safe environment for markets next to road and pedestrians;
  • Reduce the vehicle operation costs for road users;
  • Provide economic efficiency Road and Bridge Management and Maintenance plans;
  • Improve environmental condition along the road.

Target Market: 

  • Transporters and local motorists who currently use the road for their activities, Urban Mobility Maputo- Matola- Boane;
  • Foreigners coming from Swaziland to Maputo Port;

Existing and Recommended Public Infraestructures: 

  • Rehabilitation and widening of the road;
  • Construction of a New Bridge over Matola River;
  • Rehabilitation of existing bridges and culverts
  • Construction of a fixed toll station.

Investment: USD 110 Millions

Financial and Economic performance Indicators: NPV=179,81 million USD; IRR= 29.1%; B/C(Benefit/Cost): 3,64