Project’s Name: Moamba – Xinavane

Project’s Location: Maputo Province, District of Moamba and Magude

Type of Investment: Private

Project Description: Construction / rehabilitation of the existing road in an extension of 104 km. The project includes the reconstruction of existing bridges and small bridges, expansion and construction of the edges of the road and protective barriers in areas requiring them.

Project Objective: Diverting traffic and facilitating access to the northern part of Maputo and the rest of the country from South Africa, or from the East of Maputo.

Available products and benefits:

  1. Creation of more permanent jobs with the operation of the toll gate and the regular maintenance of the road;
  2. Reduction of linking time between South Africa and the area further North of the country, saving time and fuel;
  3. Stimulus for the development of agricultural and livestock activities taking advantage of the strong potential in Moamba and Magude districts;
  4. Reduction of traffic in Maputo and Matola Cities
  5. More road safety and fewer accidents;
  6. Creation of new trade and other businesses opportunities for local communities;

Target Market:

  1. Transporters and local motorists who currently use the road for their activities;
  2. Foreigners coming from South Africa and who intend to travel to the North of Maputo and other parts of the country.

Existing and Recommended Public Infraestructures: 

  1. Construction and widening of the road;
  2. Reconstruction of bridges;
  3. Construction of a fixed toll station.


  • USD 143.8 Million

Economic & Financial Indicators:

  • IRR (Internal Rate of Return) – 13.3%;
  • NPV (Net Present Value) – 25.3 million USD;
  • IRP (Investment Recovery Period) – 12 Years and 3 Months.