Project’s Name: Science and Technology (S&T) Park

Project’s Location: Mocuba – Zambezia Province

Type of Investment: Public and Private Partnership

Project Description:

The Science and Technology Park with a surface equipped area of 19 hectares, divided in three main areas:

1. The Technology Core: based inside the regenerated old premises of Textil de Mocuba where one can find:

  • The Landmark Buildings – the park’s most distinguished features.
  • The Campus Public Realm – a great tree-lined green open space connecting the Campus Core to the Landmark Building.
  • The Campus Core – home to technology-driven, specialized university buildings.
  • The R&D Core – a low-rise development with incubator facilities for technological innovations.

2. Located between the Technology Core and the Industrial Zone, the Technology Corridor will comprise of:

  • R&D centers.
  • Light manufacturing facilities.
  • Two residential areas with sports and entertainment centers, including retail shops, health care and civic amenities.

3. The Industrial Zone is the park’s manufacturing arm, purposefully located to minimize environmental impact and traffic disruption.

Project Objective: The Project aims at converting the old and disrupted premises of the “Textil de Mocuba” Factory in a Science and Technology (S&T) Park, a specific 20 hectares’ large area for activities relating to innovation, education, R&D – mainly in agro food chain related sector.


  • Residential units for 2.000 inhabitants (first phase)
  • Hotel accommodations for not less of 500 beds
  • Buildings to accommodate Food and Non-Food Public Market

Products and Market:

  • Residential units to accommodate 2,000 inhabitants;
  • 2 hotels for 500 beds and 4 buildings to accommodate shopping’s malls, civic centers, offices and training centers

Existing and Recommended Public Infraestructures: 

  • Land available 20 hectares. Next to the S&T Park, occupying an area of about 10 hectares, a new mixed-use zone will be built.
  • Electricity and water from Licungo River available in Mocuba city.

Investment: USD 185,800,750 (which 45% is public contribution in infrastructure)

Economic & Financial Indicators:

  • IRR (Internal Rate of Return) – 11%;
  • NPV (Net Present Value) – 3,610,107;
  • IRP (Investment Recovery Period) – 10.4 Years