Project’s Name: Pambara – Rio Save -Muxungue

Project’s Location: Inhambane and Sofala Province (Actual Traffic AADT: 800)

Type of Investment: Loan

Project Description: Rehabilitation and widening of the existing road in an extension of 125 km, from Pambara to Save River and 110 km from Save River to Muxungue. The project includes the widening of road, 2 Lines including shoulder, rehabilitation of existing bridges, and reconstruction of 1 bridge over Ripembe River, rrehabilitation of culvert, and construction of line drainage.

Project Objective: Improve the condition of road, reducing the travel time and operational cost of vehicles, consequently efficiency on movement of goods and peoples along the corridor.

Available products and benefits:

  1. Provide the traffic safety by maintaining the existing roads and bridges and the improvement of road alignment of dangerous spots and non-well aligned sections;
  2. Provide safe environment for markets next to road and pedestrians;
  3. Reduce the vehicle operation costs for road users;
  4. Provide economic efficiency Road and Bridge Management and Maintenance plans;
  5. Improve environmental condition along the road.

Target Market:

  1. Truism: Zinave National Park, Chimanimani, Goromgoza National Park;
  2. Access to Beira Port
  3. Agriculture development along the corridor

Existing and Recommended Public Infraestructures: 

  1. Rehabilitation and widening of the road;
  2. Construction of a New Bridge over Ripembe River;
  3. Rehabilitation of existing bridges and culverts


  • USD 135 Million, Pambara to Save River
  • USD 63 Millions, Save River to Muxungue

Economic & Financial Indicators:

  • Pambara to Save River
  • Save River to Muxungue