Integrated Agricultural Park

Location: Namaacha and Boane Districts
Implementor: Public and Private Paterneship
Project Objectives:
– Intensive farms for vegetables, fruits production and a central processing as well for shopping
– Intensive family farm poultry – out-grower system already in the place
– Irrigation network in LIAP development area and boundaries
– Multi-function forest nursery and development centres and agriculture wells for villages
Project Description:
Potential of 90,000 Ha of agricultural areas, taking into account the spaces requested for the location for three main features: (i) Integrated Agro-park; (ii) Intelligent Agro-logistic Network and (iii) some rural transformation hubs.
Lubombo Development Corridor, identifies a purposive clustering of production (including agro-production) functions in a confined area – “Competitiveness & Cohesion Pole – CCP”, based on the concept of industrial ecology. “Purposive”
– Residents of Maputo Metropolitan area wish count around 2 million people;
– Regional consumer in Swaziland and South Africa (Mpumalanga);
– Direct beneficiaries in job creation in Namaacha and Boane districts as well families that will benefit for out-grower system in poultry program
Products and Market:
LIAP’s location places it in position to efficiently address the regional and national and international (via Port of Maputo) markets. Maputo Metropolitan Area will be absolutely the main market for fresh products – fruits and horticulture crops
Public Infrastructures:
– Agricultural area 90,000 hectares available in the Lubombo Corridor to install the Integrated Agriculture Park (LIAP) – Anchor Project
– Metropolitan Railway (LMR) – Anchor Project
– Transport Gasification Strategic Project – Anchor Project
– Energy and water irrigation system available in the area
Total Investment:
USD 276,018,750 (PPP) which 151,018,750 is Private Investment and the remain are public
Economic and Financial Indicators (Private Investment):
– IRR = 17%
– NPV = 51,336,586 USD
– Recovery Period of Investment (Years): 7,4